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Professional, Meticulous, and Subtle Female Security to Hire

Best Female Bodyguards for Hire in Southern California


If you’re considering hiring a professional female bodyguard with an exceptional eye for detail, no look further than Mission International Security. Our experienced team of highly-trained female bodyguards makes sure your business runs smoothly in an environment where you, your employees, and your clients feel safe and protected.

MIS has been providing top-notch female security for over 10 years. Our security plans are flexible and are created according to a client’s specific needs, encompassing different industries and their unique risks and challenges. Hire our female security guard to protect your residential or commercial property, healthcare facility, warehouse, parking lot, construction sites, schools, and more. Rely on our licensed female bodyguards whenever you need an extra layer of protection for a public or private event.

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Female Security Guard Services Offered by MIS

MIS provides various security guard services for different industries and their security concerns and challenges. We can create an individualized plan for your unique needs, ensuring you, your employees, and your clients feel safe from criminal activities. Our experienced and skilled female security officer team delivers incredibly efficient services, among which are these:

armed security guards

Armed Security

Our professionally trained armed guard is fully licensed and equipped to handle all your security needs. Learn more.

unarmed security

Unarmed Security

Unarmed female bodyguards are 24/7 available to keep you and your business safe from illegal activities and dangerous situations. Learn more.

mobile patrol

Mobile Security

We offer fast and responsive drive-by security patrols that can make one or multiple stops to secure your location. Learn more.

firewatch patrol


Our highly skilled team of firewatch security is trained to fit all fire departments’ needs. Learn more.

Hire a Skilled Female Security Officer to Protect Various Industries

Our extremely professional and experienced female security has enough expertise to protect you and your residential or commercial property. We provide top-quality services to a wide range of industries, addressing their unique challenges meticulously and efficiently. A female security officer from MIS is here to protect different settings, including:

residential security

Residential Security

Our female security officer identifies threats and protects your residential community from any damage. We use the latest surveillance technology to offer peace of mind to residents.

corporate security

Corporate Security

Our team of highly trained female bodyguards protects against any threats that could disrupt a corporate event or an important meeting. We use patrol cars, radio communication, and surveillance equipment to deliver better outcomes.

event security

Event Security

We provide comprehensive protection of guests, hosts, and their property at festivals, concerts, fundraisers, religious ceremonies, private or public events, and parties.

school security

School Security

Professional guards from MIS protect campuses, schools, colleges, and universities, delivering peace of mind to students, parents, and school staff.

bank security

Bank Security

Our bank security guard protects bankers, tellers, ATMs, and parking lots from any kind of criminal activity that could jeopardize the bank’s overall safety.

construction site security

Construction Security

Our female security officer will monitor your construction site, making sure nothing happens on her watch. You can sleep peacefully knowing that your equipment, tools, and property is safe from theft and vandalism.

healthcare security

Healthcare Security

MIS secures your medical facility and handles all the situations by performing access control, violence prevention, medical escort services, parking lot security, etc.

hotel security

Hotel Security

We protect hotels in the area with our world-class security services, making sure your guests feel safe during their stay. We offer standing guards and drive-by mobile patrols to monitor your property and ensure a 100% safe environment.

mall security

Retail Security

You can rely on our female security to handle all the situations faced by large shopping centers, malls, and retail stores. We can help prevent shoplifting, altercations, and parking violations while reacting promptly in case your child gets lost in the crowd.

warehouse security

Warehouse Security

We offer mobile drive-by patrols to protect your warehouse and all the stuff you keep there. Our professionally trained guards are available around the clock, making sure the Grail of your business remains intact.

Find Our Female Security in 5 Different Areas in Southern California

MIS covers five different areas in Southern California, delivering the best-in-class security services for your unique needs. Our security solutions are available in the following cities:

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

We offer armed and unarmed female security in Los Angeles County. Contact us for a free consultation.

Orange Country

Orange Country

We offer armed and unarmed female security in Orange County. Contact us for a free consultation.

San Diego

San Diego

We offer armed and unarmed female security in San Diego County. Contact us for a free consultation.

security companies in riverside ca

Riverside County

We offer armed and unarmed female security in Riverside County. Contact us for a free consultation.

security companies in san bernardino

San Bernandino

We offer armed and unarmed female security in San Bernardino. Contact us for a free consultation.

Why Choose MIS Female Security?

Female security solutions provided by MIS suit every industry that needs an additional layer of security. Choosing an ideal security company is paramount for your protection and safety, and many satisfied clients recommend our services because:

  • Our female bodyguards can deal with conflict calmly and efficiently.
  • Female security guards can go where males cannot, including bathrooms and female dressing rooms. They can also search women entering events or institutions.
  • Our female security is an excellent choice for teenage birthday parties and similar occasions where parents prefer a female guard.

Do you need more reasons to hire MIS? If you do, take a look at the following requirements our female security meets:

  • State-licensed: Our security guards are professionally trained with all the state-issued licenses, including authorization to carry firearms.
  • Highly trained: Our security guards have gone through all the mandatory training and courses that meet the requirements set by the BSIS.
  • Latest equipment: We use up-to-date technology and equipment to ensure our clients get the highest quality services.
  • Personalized plans: We can create a custom-tailored security plan for your specific needs, challenges, and risks.
  • Insured and bonded: Our guards have an insurance policy covering property damage, bodily injury, and other risky situations.
  • Supervisor onsite: Our security supervisors are on the field 24/7, performing detailed site inspections.
  • 24/7 availability: You can rely on our female security at any time.
  • Cost-effective services: We offer great value for money with the prices that fit the Southern California market.

Looking for Female Bodyguards? MIS Has the Best-In-Class Solution for You

If you need to hire professional female security for your specific industry, MIS has excellent solutions to meet your needs. Contact us at (800) 838-6494 and let us craft a unique security plan for you, or fill the form below to get a free quote.

Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO

Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO