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#1 Professional Private Security Company Irvine, CA

Although the City of Irvine, California, is considered the safest city in the United States, you can never have enough security. With Mission International Security, you can host events, operate your business, or spend valuable time at home with peace of mind, wherever you live. Our security guard agency has been in business for 12 years, and our hard work has resulted in stellar client satisfaction and long-term collaboration with different companies and industries.

We offer a wide variety of security-related services, including personalized security plans based on your specific needs. We understand that not all the spheres face the same risks and security challenges, so we do our best to provide a mixture of specialized security strategies and lifestyle-specific options to give each of our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

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What Can You Expect from Security Guard Services in Irvine, CA?

Simply put, you can expect loyalty and top-notch professionalism regardless of the services you hire. Our team relentlessly works on security-related strategies that work the best for your property, ensuring a 100% safe environment for your clients, guests, visitors, patients, or family members.

armed security guards

Armed Security

Licensed, trained, and equipped security guards from Mission International provide top-notch armed security services available around the clock. Learn more.

unarmed security

Unarmed Security

Licensed, trained, and reliable MIS security guards offer professional unarmed security services available 24/7. Learn more.

mobile patrol

Mobile Security

Hire the most trusted mobile security patrols from MIS to protect your property, parking lot, warehouse, etc. Learn more.

firewatch patrol


Let MIS be your defense against fire, whether it comes from weather peril or malicious activities. Learn more.

Irvine Security Guard Agency for Commercial, Residential, and Personal Needs

Our services are ubiquitous and easily adaptable to any industry. We are aware that security shouldn’t be your business, so we do our best to provide services that meet your needs and resolve security concerns at any time. Even if you’re not sure what type of security guards service would suit you the best, don’t worry – get in touch with one of our security strategists, and they will provide you with a valuable piece of advice.

Mission International Security is famous for its services, encompassing a broad range of commercial, residential, and personal needs of our clients. Hire security guard to shield your parking lots, warehouses, apartment buildings, universities, art galleries, religious institutions, healthcare facilities, and other essential venues around the City of Irvine, California.

residential security irvine ca
Residential Security

An experienced residential security guard from MSI brings peace of mind to your home, preventing any burglary attempt, suspicious activities, vandalism, and more.

corporate security irvine ca
Corporate Security

We provide highly professional and 24/7 available security guard services to corporate offices and buildings that operate in a corporate environment.

event security irvine ca
Event Security

Host your events and welcome guests with peace of mind with MSI security guards. Hire armed or unarmed private security for the fundraiser, concert or trade shows.

school security irvine ca
School Security

Highly-trained and licensed security guards from MIS ensure top-notch protection for campuses, schools, universities, and other educational institutions.

bank security irvine
Bank Security

Many financial institutions use our services to take their security to another level. Hire an unarmed or armed bank guard from MIS and focus on your business worry-free.

construction site security irvine ca
Construction Security

Our construction security services include but are not limited to site access control and monitoring, heavy equipment and tool theft prevention, and more.

healthcare security irvine ca
Healthcare Security

Our healthcare security guard service solutions ensure a super-safe and highly protected environment for hospitals, urgent care facilities, and medical institutions.

hotel security irvine
Hotel Security

Gain your guests’ trust with the best-in-class hotel security services that protect their property from theft or physical damage, ensuring a 100% safe stay at the hotel.

mall security irvine ca
Retail Security

Our mall security company aims to protect any retail business and employees, reducing shoplifting and robbery risks.

warehouse security irvine ca
Warehouse Security

Protect the holy grail of your business with the best warehouse security agency that offers fire watch, warehouse gate access control, incident reporting, and more.

Why Clients from Irvine, CA Choose Mission International Security?

We have a rich history of satisfied clients who have chosen our security guard services for a reason. What makes us the best in the field is a highly professional team with no fear of everyday challenges you and your business face.

Why choose us? It’s simple.

  • State-Licensed – our staff is professionally trained and has all licenses issued by California state, including authorization to carry firearms.
  • Trained Security – our security guards have completed mandatory training and courses that meet the standards set by the BSIS.
  • Up-to-Date equipment – we use the latest security equipment to ensure the highest-quality security services.
  • Custom-Tailored Plans – we can craft personalized security plans based on your particular needs and requirements.
  • Insured & Bonded –  hire a security guard at MIS with peace of mind – we carry an insurance policy that covers property damage, bodily injury, and other occurrences.
  • Supervisor Onsite – our security supervisors are on the field 24/7, performing in-depth site inspections.
  • 24/7 availability – our experienced security guards’ team is available around the clock to safeguard you and your valuable belongings.
  • Competitive prices – our services come with competitive prices that fit the Irvine market appropriately.

Do You Want to Take Your Security to the Next Level? Contact our Irvine Security Guard Agency to Get a Free Quote

No matter if you need a high-end luxury guard to protect your most valuable property or simply a professional who’ll take care of your safety, Mission International Security from Irvine, CA can craft individualized plans to cover your unique needs. Fill the form to get a free quote today and start a new year with peace of mind.

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Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO