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Devoted and Professional Overnight Security in Southern California

Hire a Skilled Night Security Guard to Sleep with Peace of Mind


If you are looking for professional and devoted night guard security, you’ve landed in the right place. With more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, trusted and trained guys from Mission International Security provide the best-in-class overnight security to your residential property, office buildings, industrial facilities, parking lots, retail stores, and other venues.

Do you need a night security officer for a private or public event? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Premier Night Security Company for All Your Needs

The power of the human’s eye is beyond comparison, so it’s imperative to hire a private night security company to ensure peace of mind no matter where you are. MIS offers paramount services from armed and unarmed security to mobile patrols and firewatch to help you handle any situation you might be facing.

armed security guards

Armed Security

Our armed security guards are highly trained, professional, insured, bonded, licensed, and available around the clock. More about Armed Security.

unarmed security

Unarmed Security

Our unarmed guards deliver various security-related services, and you can rely on them 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. More about Unarmed Security.

mobile patrol

Mobile Security

Our mobile armed security patrol will protect your personnel, customers, and valuable assets. More about Mobile Patrol Security.

firewatch patrol


Our rich experience in the field, competitive prices, and license staff make our company the best Firewatch choice in the area. More about Firewatch Security.

Industries Covered By Our Night Security Company in Southern California

Any commercial and residential entity may benefit from professional security services provided by the #1 night guard security agency in Southern California. With our exceptional skills and fully bonded, insured, and licensed staff, we guarantee excellent solutions to safeguard your industry.

residential security

Residential Security

We offer top-notch security guard services for residential communities. Our overnight security guard can be stationed at gates or entrances to limit entry to residents-only, check-in deliveries, supervising, and more.

corporate security

Corporate Security

A highly-trained and professional night security officer will guard a company’s headquarters, ensuring a 100% safe environment during night-time.

event security

Event Security

We offer various services for every event, working closely with clients to deliver customized security plans that meet their needs. We provide the highest levels of security while letting hosts and guests enjoy the party to the fullest.

school security

School Security

We safeguard private educational institutions from elementary to college level. All security officers have mastered required training courses, including the emergency response protocol training as part of the school guard curriculum.

bank security

Bank Security

A night time security guard will keep monetary resources and sensitive information safe from any kind of peril and crime that could happen when the lights go down.

construction site security

Construction Security

Your tools and personnel will be safe with our night security company. You can leave the construction site and go to sleep with peace of mind knowing that commissioned, licensed, bonded and insured MIS officers keep an eye on your heavy-duty equipment.

healthcare security

Healthcare Security

From hospitals to out-patient centers, our trained officers understand the special needs and unique challenges of healthcare facilities. We deliver the best-in-class overnight security for your building, medical equipment, personnel, and patients.

hotel security

Hotel Security

By conducting rigorous security and safety assessments, we safeguard hotels and ensure a highly-protected environment vital for your guests’ well-being.

mall security

Retail Security

Our overnight security guard staff is professionally trained to handle busy public establishments, including stores and mall parking lots. We do our best to meet your ever-changing demands, addressing any security concerns you might have.

warehouse security

Warehouse Security

Hire an outstanding night security company to protect the Grail of your business. A diverse environment like a warehouse requires a dynamic solution we can offer. Contact our security specialists to ensure a highly-protected environment for an integral part of your business.

Find Our Overnight Security Services in Five Southern California Cities

We protect various areas in Southern California, preventing any attempt of robbery, assault, or crime. You can hire our always-on overnight security services in the following areas:

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

We offer armed and unarmed overnight security in Los Angeles County. Contact us for a free consultation.

Orange Country

Orange Country

We offer armed and unarmed overnight security in Orange County. Contact us for a free consultation.

San Diego

San Diego

We offer armed and unarmed overnight security in San Diego County. Contact us for a free consultation.

security companies in riverside ca

Riverside County

We offer armed and unarmed overnight security in Riverside County. Contact us for a free consultation.

security companies in san bernardino

San Bernandino

We offer armed and unarmed overnight security in San Bernardino. Contact us for a free consultation.

Why Choose Mission International Security, a #1 Night Security Company in California?

We have a rich history of satisfied clients who have chosen our security services for a reason. With over 10 years of professional experience in the field, MIS remains one of the industry’s most reliable names.

What sets us apart from other private industry companies is our discreet, responsive, and highly competitive approach to providing security services to our clients. You can rely on us whenever you need:

  • State-licensed: Our security officers are professionally trained and have all the necessary state licenses, including authorization to carry firearms.
  • Exceptional training: All security guards at MIS receive top-notch safety and customer service training.
  • Technology: We deliver the most cutting-edge technology to the industry and our clients, providing real-time reporting and ultimate responsiveness.
  • Personalized plans: We can create custom-tailored plans according to a client’s unique needs, challenges, and requirements.
  • Insured and bonded: Our security guards carry an insurance policy that covers bodily injury, property damage, and other everyday occurrences.
  • Supervisor onsite: Our security supervisors are available around the clock, performing in-depth site inspections.
  • 24/7 availability: You can rely on our experienced night security officers to safeguard you, your personnel, and your valuable belongings.
  • Cost-effective services: Our highly efficient overnight security services are available at exceptionally competitive prices that appropriately fit the California market.

Mission International Security – #1 Night Security Company for All Your Needs

Professionals from MIS can create a customized plan for your unique needs, challenges, and requirements. Don’t hesitate to fill the form to get a free quote today and spend the night knowing that your business or residential property is safe from hazards.

Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO

Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO