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Industry-Leading Private Security Agency in Southern California

A Professional Private Guard for All Your Safety Concerns


With over 10 years of serving clients, Mission International Security remains a reliable name in the private security industry. We are a trustworthy security guard agency with a rich experience of providing services that cover different security needs – for all you need, we’ve got you covered.

You can rely on our professional and cost-effective security services, including armed and unarmed standing guards, mobile patrols, and firewatch. We can craft custom-tailored security programs to meet your particular needs, vulnerabilities, and budget.

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Our professional private security agency has been protecting and securing different industries and institutions throughout the 10-year-period. Using the best security practices, we safeguard schools, office buildings, residential and commercial properties, retail and industrial premises, construction sites, including private and public events.

Mission International Security: Private Security Guard Services at the Highest Level

Our private security firm provides various services to protect your residential or business property with the highest level of efficiency. Licensed and well-trained guards will deliver the services according to a customized security plan we have crafted for your specific needs. You can rely on our around-the-clock available guards to protect your industry regardless of the service you pick.

armed security guards

Armed Security

Our private armed security guards are highly trained and fully equipped to handle all your security needs at any time. Learn more.

unarmed security

Unarmed Security

A fully bonded, insured, licensed, and 24/7/365 available unarmed private security guard will keep your business and employees safe from any peril. Learn more.

mobile patrol

Mobile Security

We offer drive-by private security personnel that can make one or more stops per night to secure any location. Learn more.

firewatch patrol


Our highly professional team of firewatch private security guards fits all fire departments’ needs. Learn more.

Industries Covered by Our Private Security Agency

MIS delivers premier security services to different industries, addressing every aspect of your business’ vulnerability. You can entirely rely on our armed and unarmed security guards to handle any potentially dangerous situation and threats your business may be facing.

residential security

Residential Security

Our private guard security company protects, identifies threats, and patrols your residential community to prevent any damage, theft, or criminal activity.

corporate security

Corporate Security

Our team of professional private security guards keeps your business safe from any threat that could disrupt a corporate event or important meeting.

event security

Event Security

Hire a private security team to safeguard any public or private event, festival, fundraiser, religious holiday, concert, and ceremony. With our comprehensive protection plans, you can enjoy the party with peace of mind.

school security

School Security

MIS is a licensed private security agency that can protect your campus, college, school, or educational institution, delivering peace of mind to students, parents, and the school’s personnel.

bank security

Bank Security

Our security guard will keep bankers, ATMs, and parking lots safe from any kind of crime, ensuring a 100% safe bank environment for clients and employees.

construction site security

Construction Security

Well-trained, insured, and licensed private personal security protects any construction site, keeping an eye on all your valuable equipment, tools, and property.

healthcare security

Healthcare Security

Any medical facility is safe with MIS security guards. We protect everything from hospitals to healthcare centers, ensuring a safe environment for patients, employees, and valuable medical equipment.

hotel security

Hotel Security

We provide top-class private security services to hotels while keeping the property and guests safe from any potential hazard.

mall security

Retail Security

Our guards respond to any threat faced by large malls and shopping centers, including theft, altercations, parking violations, and lost children. By actively monitoring the property, we can prevent any illegal activity.

warehouse security

Warehouse Security

We offer 24/7 protection to your warehouse, safeguarding your property from intruders and ensuring that no one can steal your valuable equipment.

You Can Find Our Private Security in Different Areas in Southern California

The best about our private security firm is the possibility to hire us in different cities in Southern California. Whether you need us in the City of Angels or sunny San Diego County, you can count on us to protect you with an incredibly high efficiency level.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

We offer private armed and unarmed security services in Los Angeles County. Contact us for a free consultation.

Orange Country

Orange Country

We offer private armed and unarmed security services in Orange County. Contact us for a free consultation.

San Diego

San Diego

We offer private armed and unarmed security services in San Diego County. Contact us for a free consultation.

security companies in riverside ca

Riverside County

We offer private armed and unarmed security services in Riverside County. Contact us for a free consultation.

security companies in san bernardino

San Bernandino

We offer private armed and unarmed security services in San Bernardino. Contact us for a free consultation.

Why Choose Our Private Security Company?

The reason why so many people choose us is our tendency to combine the best practices to deliver exceptional, cost-effective security services to our clients. Our private security services stand out from other agencies because we are:

  • State-licensed: Our security guards are professionally trained with all the licenses issued by the state, including authorization to carry firearms.
  • Professionally trained: Our private security guards have gone through all the required training and courses, meeting all the standards set by the BSIS.
  • Well-equipped: We use up-to-date security equipment to ensure high-quality security guard services to various industries.
  • Flexible: We can craft an individualized security plan according to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Insured & bonded: All our private security guards carry an insurance policy that covers property damage, bodily injury, and more.
  • 24/7 available: Our security supervisors are on the field around the clock, executing in-detail site inspections.
  • Cost-effective: We offer great value for money, which is one reason why so many people choose us in the first place.

MIS: Loyal and Professional Private Security Guards in California

Whether you need a high-end luxury private guard or a security guard in a tactical dress, our highly-trained and reliable team of professionals can create a custom-tailored plan for you to cover your unique security concern.

Fill the form below to get a free quote today or call us at (800) 838-6494 to discuss your options.

Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO

Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO