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Security Guards

Being one of the most trusted security companies in Riverside CA, we provide top personal and business security guard services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security guards are the best in Riverside County because of our strict screening and hiring processes. We are a licensed and insured private security firm with 10+ years of experience.

Security is fast becoming a necessity for many businesses in Riverside, CA. There’s a need for a wide variety of security options and quality guards. Fortunately, the team at Mission International is ready and able to help. We’ve recognized this need and our goal is to provide the best security to businesses and property owners across Riverside. Our security is of the highest quality because our guards of the highest quality. Don’t think that our quality works put us out of your reach. 

Part of our goal is to ensure that small businesses can afford our services. That’s why we’ve made sure that our prices are competitive. We work with you to design a custom security plan that fits your budget and matches your needs. Our security experts are the best in the business, with years of experience under them. They can help you evaluate your security needs. 



Our goal is to make sure that each of our clients receives exactly what they need to protect what matters most.

From the beginning, Mission International Security has known that security never stops. We built our company operations to meet the demands of the always-on security industry, seamlessly extending the capabilities of in-house security programs with safety personnel and protocols that keep people, property, and brand safe.

We live in anything but a perfect world. The danger comes without warning and can result in a robbery, assault, kidnap, or worse. At MIS, we are committed to providing private security (armed and unarmed) for persons, homes, businesses and families. Contact our Murrieta, CA office today for the protection you need and when you need it most.

Our services prove to be a mixture of specialized security strategies and lifestyle-specific options. We want each one of our clients to receive exactly what they need to have the peace of mind that they deserve. Simple as that.

Mission International offers security guards for trade shows, office buildings, concerts, hotels, religious facilities, schools, houses, malls, warehouses, product launches, after parties, and other small and large venues across Riverside County. From uniform and undercover officers to suit & tie guards – we provide security guard services tailored to your needs.

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Stated Licensed

Our Security Guards are professionally trained with State authorized firearms and essential training

Insured & Bonded

We carry an insurance policy that pays per occurrence in which it includes property damage, bodily injury, etc.

24/7 Availability

Our highly-trained security guards are available around the clock to protect you and your properties.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are competitive and fit the market appropriately so that you can get the value you deserve.


Our security guard service extends well beyond a uniform and schedule — it’s about people.

These guys are really the best. I feel safe and my mind is at peace with them patrolling my site. Thank you, Mike and the team.
Lesly Grimson, Riverside CA

Corporate Security

My business partner actually hired these guys and I was not sure at first but right now, 2 years later I’m glad they are here to keep us safe.
Nathan Bilesman, Riverside CA

Corporate Security

I use to get scared walking from the parking lot to my house. But with Mission security guards I feel safe and not scared no more.
Cristina Crimson, Murrieta CA

Residential Security

We no longer worry about expensive equipment being left at the construction site. We feel we are in good hands. Thank you to Mike and his team.
Reynold James, Riverside CA

Construction Securitys


Area We Serve In Southern California

Whether you own a company and would like corporate security services for a southern California business or if you are a celebrity that wants a professional bodyguard to protect your well-being, we will make that happen. We are in the business of providing security for people from a variety of backgrounds and businesses that cover a number of industries.

Why Do You Need
Security Guards in Riverside?

There are quite a few benefits that are provided to our customers who decide to get security guards for the protection of their business, property, or residents. These are a few of the benefits of hiring a security guard in Riverside, CA.
Superior Training
Our guards are more capable than most others. This is because they have received top of the line training and we ensure that we only allow the best to wear our uniforms.
Better Deterrent
Criminals and troublemakers don't like interference. Seeing a guard helps to keep everyone on their best behavior. Armed guards are an even better deterrent as the threat of violence becomes more apparent.
Better Equipped
Armed guards have weapons at their disposal, allowing them to better deal with a situation that might turn violent.
Peace Of Mind
When security is present you can rest easy. You don't have to worry about something happening because the security is there to deal with it.
Employee Safety
Everyone that works for you should feel safe while they're doing their jobs. Making sure they're safe can also help to improve morale and productivity.
Fast Response
Emergencies are when seconds matter most. Without a security guard team, you could be waiting for minutes for a response. With security guards the response is immediate and help can be rendered.

Riverside Security Guards
You Can Trust

One of our security strategists can talk to you and help you decide what's security service is best for your business or property. We offer many services that cover a variety of security needs. We can work with you to make sure you get the best value on the market.
armed security companies

Armed Security

Licensed, trained, experienced, and reliable 24/7 armed security guard available for hire.
unarmed security services

Unarmed Security

Licensed, trained, experienced, and reliable 24/7 unarmed security guard available for hire.
mobile guard security

Mobile Security

Licensed, trained, experienced, and reliable 24/7 mobile patrol security available for hire.

Get Your Free
Quote Today!

Whether you need a high-end luxury guard or a security guard in tactical dress, our team of professionals can craft a plan and send the appropriate guard to cover your unique situation.

    State Licensed
    Full state-licensed professional security guards for hire.
    Trained Security
    Fully trained guards that meet standards set by the BSIS.
    Latest Equipment
    Latest security equipment utilized to ensure quality services.
    Supervisor Onsite
    Security Supervisors on the field 24/7, performing site inspections.
    Competitive Prices
    Our prices are highly competitive and fit the market appropriately
    Customized Solutions
    We provide a customized security plan based on your requirements.
    Insured & Bonded
    Insurance policy includes property damage, bodily injury, etc.
    24/7 Availability
    Our security guard service is available around the clock.

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    Copyright by Mission International Security.
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