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Most-Wanted Santa Ana Security Company

Your Safety is Our Priority

Welcome to Mission International Security, Santa Ana’s most trusted security firm. As a full-service private security company, we provide a complete range of professional, cost-effective security services, including armed and unarmed standing guards, mobile patrol, and firewatch. We design customized security programs to meet your specific needs, vulnerabilities, and budget.

Our highly trained guards have years of experience protecting and securing various industries and institutions. Our services include school and office premises, residential and commercial properties, retail and industrial locations, construction sites, and many more. At every level of our organization, we employ best practices to ensure that we provide our clients with the highest security service quality level.

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Security Guard Company Santa Ana

Santa Ana Security Guard Services

MIS provides a wide variety of security guard benefits. Our experience in many industries makes us flexible and adaptable to provide you a custom security plan to meet your specific needs. Our ongoing security guard training keeps our squad at best always, and our training targets the assignment of each guard. Our management team and field supervisors are vigilant, ensuring your entire security staff is working for you. Our responsive security armed patrol services deliver an added edge in protecting your interests in whatever industry it may be.

armed security guards

Armed Security

Our professionally trained armed security guards are fully equipped to handle your security needs 24/7/365. Learn More.

unarmed security

Unarmed Security

Our unarmed security guards are available around the clock to keep your business safe and your employees secure. Learn More.

mobile patrol

Mobile Security

We offer drive-by security patrols that can make one or multiple stops per night to secure your location. Learn More.

firewatch patrol


Our expert team of firewatch security personnel is trained to fit all fire departments’ needs. Learn More.

Industries We Serve

MIS provides top-notch security services throughout Santa Ana and the surrounding areas. With the long security guard experience, you can trust that we have the expertise to protect you and your property. Our security firm offers a full range of security services to suit any situation. No matter what type of security patrol officer or service you want, we do it all and can work in many different

residential security irvine ca

Residential Security

We guard, identify threats, protect, and patrol your residential community to prevent damage, theft, and other illegal activity. Our skilled, uniformed guards and the latest surveillance technology offer the peace of mind residents need and expect.

corporate security irvine ca

Corporate Security

Our team of highly trained security personnel can protect against any threats that can disrupt a corporate event or meeting. Along with our staff, we have all the resources to monitor hostile situations, including patrol cars, radio communication, and surveillance equipment.

event security irvine ca

Event Security

Our event security team and convention security personnel are there to ensure your events go without a hitch. We provide comprehensive protection of guests and their property at festivals, concerts, private parties, fundraisers, religious holidays, and ceremonies.

school security irvine ca

School Security

MIS can supply highly trained school security staff to provide protection to your campus. Our guards are available for colleges, universities or schools and ensure peace of mind to students and parents alike, knowing that protection is on hand in the event of an emergency.

bank security irvine

Bank Security

Our bank security guard will be a visual deterrent against crime and help escort any unruly patrons off the premises. They will keep an eye on the bankers, tellers, ATMs, and parking lot to ensure there are no issues.

construction site security irvine ca

Construction Security

Our security guard agency supplies high-level construction site security guards to monitor your property and equipment. Make sure your site is secure with one of our standing guards or security patrols for your peace of mind.

healthcare security irvine ca

Healthcare Security

We will secure your medical facility with top-notch security staff at very competitive rates.  Our team is capable to handle the situations you may face in a hospital or clinic environments, such as access control, violence prevention, medical escort services, and parking lot security, to name a few.

hotel security irvine

Hotel Security

We provide world-class security services to hotels in the area. Our highly-trained security guards keep the property secure and your guests safe. We offer both standing guards and drive-by mobile patrols to monitor the property, so we can customize a plan that fits your needs.

mall security irvine ca

Retail Security

Our security guards are well prepared to handle the types of problems a large shopping center may face, such as theft, altercations, parking violations and lost children. We diligently monitor the property, acting as a deterrent to would-be shoplifters while helping out patrons when necessary.

warehouse security irvine ca

Warehouse Security

We can offer 24/7 protection with on-site guards if required, but the most popular service to protect warehouses and docks are our drive-by mobile security patrols, which can cruise your property one or more times per day or night to remove intruders from the premises and prevent your property from being stolen.

Why Choose Our Santa Ana Security Company?

While we’re always willing to use the experience, our staff successfully combine it with the present’s needs to give an unrivaled service level that always delivers satisfaction and value for money. It’s why our clients stay with us, and our employees are proud to work for us.

Here are a few key points why we can serve you better than other security guard companies.

  • State-Licensed – Our security guards are professionally trained with all licenses issued by the state, including authorization to carry firearms;
  • Trained Security – Our security guards have finished mandatory training and courses that meet the standards set by the BSIS;
  • Leading-Edge Equipment – We use up-to-date security equipment to ensure the highest-quality security guard service;
  • Custom-Tailored Plans – We can tailor personalized security plans based on your needs and requirements;
  • Insured and Bonded – We carry an insurance policy that covers property damage, bodily injury, and more;
  • Supervisor Onsite – Our security supervisors are on the field 24/7, executing in-depth site inspections;
  • Around the Clock Availability – Our experienced and well-versed staff is available around the clock to safeguard you and your valuable belongings;
  • Reasonable Prices – We guarantee to surpass our clients’ expectations with our quality security services at competitive prices.

Looking for Security Guard Agency in Santa Ana, CA?

If you’re looking for security guards or mobile patrol services in Santa Ana, come to MIS. We have been a frontrunner in security services in California for a long time. With affordable prices and top-rated professional services, we ensure you quality service and complete satisfaction. Contact us now, and get your free quote today.

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Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO