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Best-in-Class Security Officers for Supreme Protection in Southern California

Hire a Well-Groomed, Highly-Trained, and Licensed Security Officer Now


Our team of professional security officers provides excellent security services based on the client’s specific needs. We have been in business for over 10 years, which proves our efficiency in crime prevention and fast response to any threat that could jeopardize our client’s safety.

We cover different industries, including professional office buildings, residential apartment buildings, retail stores, schools, parking lots, healthcare facilities, and more. You can also count on our licensed security officer for a private or public event.

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Southern California Security Officers for All Your Needs

You can rely on a professional security officer from MIS whenever you need an extra layer of security, regardless of your industry. We can help you craft a custom-tailored security plan for your specific needs and requirements, ensuring a 100% safe environment on your business premises or residential building.

armed security guards

Armed Security

Our professionally trained armed security officer is fully licensed and equipped to handle all your security needs 24/7. Learn more.

unarmed security

Unarmed Security

An unarmed security officer from MIS is available around the clock to keep you and your employees safe from potential threats. Learn more.

mobile patrol

Mobile Security

Our drive-by security patrols can make one or multiple stops per night to secure your location. Learn more.

firewatch patrol


An expert team from our security officer agency is trained to fit all fire departments’ needs. Learn more.

Our Security Officers Serve Different Industries

If you are looking for security officers for hire, look no further than MIS. Our expertise level allows us to serve different industries with distinct security needs and challenges. Consider us your ally for fighting crime in the following fields:

residential security

Residential Security

A residential security officer from MIS identifies threats and patrols your residential community to prevent damage, theft, and illegal activities. A skilled, uniformed security officer and the latest surveillance technology deliver the peace of mind residents need and expect.

corporate security

Corporate Security

Our skilled commercial security officer team make sure nothing goes south during a corporate event or meeting. We use up-to-date equipment to monitor risky situations and prevent anything that could disrupt your business.

event security

Event Security

A highly trained security officer provides premier protection of guests and their property during a public or private event, fundraiser, ceremonies, festivals, or concerts.

school security

School Security

A school security officer from MIS has all the mandatory licenses to protect schools, campuses, colleges, and educational institutions in general. Our team reacts on time to prevent any potentially dangerous situation, delivering peace of mind to students, teachers, parents, and school staff.

bank security

Bank Security

A bank security guard is an excellent deterrent against crime. They will keep an eye on the bankers, tellers, ATMs, and parking lots, ensuring there are no issues that could jeopardize the safety of your employees and clients.

construction site security

Construction Security

A construction site security officer will closely watch your heavy-duty equipment, tools, and premises. Hire our professional team to make sure your construction site is safe from theft, vandalism, or any other threat.

healthcare security

Healthcare Security

A hospital security officer from our experienced team can handle any situation that could affect the hospital’s overall safety. We perform access control, violence prevention, medical escort services, parking lot security, and other protection-related measures to keep you, your staff, and your patients safe.

hotel security

Hotel Security

We provide paramount security services to hotels in the area. Our highly-trained local security officer keeps the property secure, providing your guests with peace of mind.

mall security

Retail Security

MIS is proud of its retail security officer team, which is ready to address any security-related issue faced by large shopping centers and malls – theft, altercations, parking violations, lost children, and more.

warehouse security

Warehouse Security

Don’t hesitate to hire an overnight security officer to monitor your warehouse and the stuff you keep there. We offer 24/7 protection with on-site guards or drive-by patrols that stop intruders and prevent your property theft.

Find Our Security Officers in 5 Areas in Southern California

Our services are available around Southern California, whether you need us in the City of Angels or sunny San Diego County.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

We offer armed and unarmed security officer services in Los Angeles County. Contact us for a free consultation.

Orange Country

Orange Country

We offer armed and unarmed security officer services in Orange County. Contact us for a free consultation.

San Diego

San Diego

We offer armed and unarmed security officer services in San Diego County. Contact us for a free consultation.

security companies in riverside ca

Riverside County

We offer armed and unarmed security officer services in Riverside County. Contact us for a free consultation.

security companies in san bernardino

San Bernandino

We offer armed and unarmed security officer services in San Bernardino. Contact us for a free consultation.

Why Choose Security Officers from Mission International Security?

You might think that we’re an average security officer agency with regular features addressing people’s protection. But we’re more than that. Our clients’ security is what always comes first, and we make sure our guards meet all the necessary requirements for providing top-notch security services to industries with different risks and challenges.

The key reasons why you should choose us over other security officer companies are:

  • State-licensed: Our security officers are professionally trained and have all the state licenses, including authorization to carry firearms.
  • Trained security: Our security officers have finished mandatory training and courses that meet the standards set by the BSIS.
  • Up-to-date equipment: We use the latest technology and equipment to provide the highest-quality security services.
  • Personalized plans: We can craft a custom-tailored security plan according to your specific needs, requirements, and challenges.
  • Insured & bonded: All the security officers from MIS have an insurance policy that covers property damage, bodily injury, and other risks.
  • On-site supervision: Our security supervisors are always on the field, performing in-depth site inspections.
  • 24/7 availability: Our experienced staff is available around the clock to protect your valuable belongings.
  • Cost-effective services: Our quality services come at very competitive prices that fit the Southern California market.

Looking for a Certified Security Officer Team to Enhance Your Protection? Contact MIS for a Free Quote

If you’re looking for security officers or mobile patrol services in Southern California, come to MIS. Our competitive prices, high-quality services, and the possibility to craft a unique security plan ensure a 100% safe business environment and complete satisfaction.

Call us at (800) 838-6494 or fill the form below to get a free quote.

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Copyright by Mission International Security. Designed By Ontrix | Orange County SEO